Fly Casting Instruction Testimonials

Peter has conducted a number of casting clinics with the NSW Rod Fishers Society over the last 4 years.  They are always fully booked and the comments are always the same – excellent.  Peter caters for all levels, giving a grounding in the basics while personally coaching each participant picking up areas for improvement and providing a variety of fixes.  He is passionate about what he does, is an excellent communicator at all levels and very generous with his time.  We have no hesitation in recommending his casting clinics to anyone interested in improving their fly casting skills.

Andrew McKenzie NSW Rod Fishers Society.

Dear Andrew, I cannot thank you enough for a truly magnificent day with Peter Morse today.  What a bloke; calm, collected and so experienced but also with a tremendous personal empathy and a fantastic ability to impart knowledge.  No one else I know would have explained in simple terms the double haul like he did; even a dumbo like me got it!   This was the best $100 I have ever invested.

I am indebted to you,

Best  Miles Hedge

Hi Peter,

Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative day. I often think that simplicity disguises sophistication.

Such was the case with your simple demonstration of what must be the distillation of a life casting. I will take your message and endeavour to build upon it.

As expected, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Kind regards,

Peter Roseldt

Peter, many thanks for today. I enjoyed you and what you offered immensely. You communicate a wealth of knowledge and experience in a very understandable fashion.

I am sure that my abilities have been jump started today, and if I put the practice in I will see a lot of improvement.

All the best,


Hi Peter,

Thanks again for a fantastic day of learning in Sunday’s session.

A most enjoyable day.

Kind regards,

David Bracks

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for yesterday. I learned a lot. I also like your teaching style.

Thanks again,

Regards, Steve Cohen

Thanks for the day Peter,

Learnt an enormous amount. Now need to put it into practice. Looking forward to working in the park and then back onto the water in spring.

Cheers Steve Duncan

Thanks for a great casting clinic today. There truly were four ‘lightbulb moments’…one was the simple idea of shifting weight from foot to foot, which slowed me down, stabilised my balance and smoothed me out, another was using the timing of the weight shifts as a ‘marker’ for the double haul tug, the third was your constant reminder to use the minimum amount of power really necessary, and the last was your observation that my hands needed to be closer together…made a huge difference to my double hauling.

Really felt like I made some progress today.

Looking forward to doing it again.

Best regards

Pete   (Peter Gibson)

Thanks for all your help last Saturday at the fly casting clinic it was good fun and very helpful. I particularly enjoyed the double haul as it wasn’t something I had done before and I always thought it was something that was only done by seasoned anglers and professional fisherman.  I was interesting how it increases line speed and reduces the stress and strains on the rod arm. Eamonn Donnellan

Russell Iles

I attended one of Peter’s casting sessions last year at Penrith Lakes and it was the best money that I’ve ever spent on fishing in my whole life! Even though I was among ten or twelve students, the attention to each of us made each individual feel like it was a personal lesson. He would come over, watch what you were doing, give corrections if necessary and then demonstrate some more technique to practise. He would watch carefully to make sure that you understood his instruction and leave you for a little while to work on that and get the hang of it, before returning afterwards to check on your progress and then demonstrate and teach the next step to work on. For me, it was the ideal way to learn! I could not have been happier with the day and I definitely came away with all the skills that I wanted for saltwater flyfishing. For all his achievements, I think that he is just gifted as a teacher! What a nice bloke too.

Stu Jamieson

This was my first attendance at such an event and Morsie is an exemplary host. With a wide range of casting abilities present, the structure of the casting lessons was suitably loose and tailored to each of us. It helps also that Morsie is a hell of a nice guy and very approachable regarding any style of casting or fishing you may wish to broach with him. His infectious enthusiasm and willingness to impart any or all of his knowledge to his students is highly commendable and was welcomed by all.

I went to the weekend with a mental list of things I wanted to work on and Morsie systematically addressed every one of them over the 2 day course. As a result I’m now spey casting with my switch rod with relative ease, improved the efficiency of my distance casting and am a little more competent with the trickier mends. Much practice is still required, of course, but the foundations are solid.

Peter Morse gave us a very well organised and highly professional casting clinic for club members on Saturday and Sunday.

I attended the Saturday session and learned some new approaches to casting and had the five fundamentals of good fly-casting explained and reinforced throughout the day…..and boy did I feel an improvement !!

Inside the excellent briefing room at the Flying Club, we escaped the early morning weather.  Peter took us through his ideas on leader construction and the importance of tying your own leaders for the conditions at hand. The white board was great for illustrating his very enlightening lecture on forming loops, and we got reacquainted with the double blood knot for joining leader material.  The weather was very cold and windy and we even had a little storm go through. Perfect conditions for learning ways to cope with, and get the better of the wind.

It was interesting to observe the improvements among all the Saturday gang. There were some seriously good loops being thrown by days end and the importance of loop control had been thoroughly instilled in all of us.

Hey Peter
Just touching base  to thank you very much for the past weekend of casting . This would be my 4th or maybe 5th time with you and every time opens my mind so much as to what casting is really about. Some of my friends are critical of the money I’ve spent on tuition but I have to honestly say, “to me it is an investment”, my enjoyment and fish catching has increased through the roof after each one.
I’m now committed to going through the process of getting my Casting Instructor Accreditation, with your help .
I know it can be challenging to get the message to stick with my learning type, but you never cease to find a way to get it in and create the necessary change, even when you’re super direct about what I’m doing wrong, there’s always a big positive at the end .
Your generosity of time beyond “the clock “ is something I’ve been very taken with, the answering of emails and calls to clarify a teaching or general point is always given in patient and friendly ways.
Best Regards
Dave Moppett

Hi gents

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to hang out and cast with you all over the weekend.

And a special thanks to you, Morsie, for being so generous with your time and expertise.

I know I came away with a shit-ton of information and inspiration.

Hope to see you all again soon at the end of a fly rod.