I teach all around the country every year. Classes range from individuals to groups, both public and private, and club days. I cover both single handed and 2 handed casting and also specialise in advanced techniques covering;

 • Presentation casts.
 • Dealing with the wind.
 • Increasing your distance.
 • Improving your accuracy.
 • And any other topic you wish to cover.

I also conduct intensive weekend long Casting Instructor training events.

What’s Covered In My Casting Days?

casting-classBasic casting  – improve your tip control and therefore your loops.

Dealing with the wind – from all angles.

Distance casting – throw flies further and better.

Presentation casts – slack lines, aerial mends, curves.

Casting heavy flies.

Leader construction.

Fish fighting techniques.

And many others.

Instructors demonstrating what tailing loops look like.

Roll cast and Single hand Spey casting day at Penrith.

Its not always about tight loops. Dean Butler, under the eye of Ken Smith throws a big fly for Murray cod with a smooth wide open loop.