Fly Casting Tuition

Peter Morse: IFFF Master Casting Instructor.

“Becoming a confident and effective caster has never just happened to anyone overnight in their sleep, an no one has ever been able to tell me a single disadvantage to becoming a better fly caster”.

Fly-fishing is defined by fly-casting, and not much else. Some used to think it was defined by the salmonoids but these days there’s almost no species of fish that fly fishermen won’t take a shot at catching. What makes it fly fishing is how we deliver that artificial imitation of a food object to the fish, we cast it using the rod to form an unrolling loop of line that carries the fly line to the target. It’s making that loop of line that is the skill to great fly casting.

I have been a student of fly-casting for 40 years and have taught fly casting for a good many of those years. I learned a long time ago that I had a lot to learn and still have a lot to learn about this wonderful and essential part of becoming a better fly fisherman.

In 2009 I became a Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers  – the peak body of world wide fly casting instruction. The journey to get to that point was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. This journey teaches you a great deal about casting, about yourself and especially about teaching. I really enjoy teaching and get a special kick when a student “gets it” and understands what good fly-casting is and how it’s achieved. It gives me a huge thrill because I know as a consequence they’re going to be far more comfortable fishing in most conditions, their confidence climbs and consequently they catch more fish.

I teach all around Australia with organised casting days through clubs, through private arrangement, as well as private sessions.

What’s Covered In My Casting Days?

casting-classBasic casting  – improve your tip control and therefore your loops.

Dealing with the wind – from all angles.

Distance casting – throw flies further and better.

Presentation casts – slack lines, aerial mends, curves.

Casting heavy flies.

Leader construction.

Fish fighting techniques.

And many others.