Best Of Wildfish (Vol 1)

Best Of Wildfish (Vol 1)


-Taupo Rainbows, New Zealand
-Nhulunbuy Paradise, Australia
-Hinchinbrook Permit



Taupo Rainbows

Lake Taupo, in the center of New Zealands North Island is a magnificent fishing lake with active volcanos providing a spectacular backdrop to some of the best trout fishing in the world. Peter explores the areas facinating geological history, and fishes some of the crystal clear streams and rivers for the large trout that this area is so well known for.


Nhulunbuy, also known as Gove, is in northeastern Arnhemland, an area owned entirely by the indigenous people. Three major groups of incredibly beautiful islands lie offshore from Nhulunbuy providing a spectacular array of fishing opportunities in this tropical anglers paradise. The Aboriginal people of Arnhemland have a rich culture and a long tradition of fishing. We visit a remote Aboriginal community who offered to take us out fishing, the traditional way!


The majestic mountains of Hinchinbrook Island provide a breathtaking backdrop for sight fishing on the extensive sandflats between the island and the mainland. This highly visual and exciting form of fishing is highlighted with the capture of the first “permit” or Snub Nosed dart ever to be sight fished with fly in Australia.