Best Of Wildfish (Vol 2)

Best Of Wildfish (Vol 2)


-Fraser Coast Flats Marlin
-Snowy Mountains Trout
-Arnhemland Barramundi



Fraser Coast

The vast sand flats off the Fraser Coast is a facinating and spectacular fishing ground, with crystal clear waters providing ideal conditions for fly fisherman tackling the areas ultimate challenge – Golden Trevally. A sensational fishery is being explored off the inside of Fraser Island – Marlin on light tackle. These tremendous fighters are great sport, and when they are caught in the shallow water just off the beach the action is unbelievable.

Snowy Mountains

Even in mid winter when the ski slopes are packed with skier’s there’s some great fishing in the lakes of the Snowy Mountains. These lakes were formed by the construction of the Snowy Mountain Scheme and are very important to the Trout fisherman of Australia. We return to the Snowies in summer, a more traditional fishing time and catch some superb wild brown trout on the McLaughlin River.


Arnhemland is a fascinating and spectacular part of the Northern Territory, renowned throughout the world for its prolific wildlife, picturesque beauty and fabulous aboriginal artwork. Robert Hughes, one of the worlds most respected art critics, and John Alexander, a well known American artist, indulge their passion for fishing at a safari camp in Arnhemland. The abundant wildlife of the floodplains and billabongs provides a spectacular backdrop for some fantastic Barramundi fishing, while the unique Aboriginal artwork of the area reminds us of the timelessness of this land and the ancient past of the traditional land owners.