The Fly Fishing DVD (Vol 2)

The Fly Fishing DVD (Vol 2)


-Christmas Island Bonefish
-Weipa Flats
-Baitfish And Predators
-Threadfin Salmon

Run time 88 minutes




Christmas Island, out in the wild, wide, blue yonder of the mid-Pacific, is one of the great fishing destinations of the world. Especially famous for its superlative bonefish action. the vast,shallow flats of the world’s largest coral atoll teem with these wonderful sport fish. It’s all sight fishing, often in glassy conditions in ankle deep water. even small bones take you well into the backing. Could this be a fly fisher’s heaven on earth?


Most fly fishermen will tell you that sight casting for tailing fish in shallow water is the pinnacle of the sport. When those fish are big bruising sweetlip (also known as ‘Blue Bastards’) you have a recipe for some thrilling action. Peter Morse and guide Alan Philliskirk find a quiet corner on Cape York that teems with these fish… The results are spectacular. Bonus – step by step fly tying instructions.


Peter Morse and friends travel to the flats on the inside of the largest sand island in the world. This region is renowned for its variety of highly prized sport fish due to the pristine habitat and vast bait schools. Witness exciting, visual flats action on indigenous Queenfish through the high tide, then head offshore on the falling tide to mix it with scad and tuna in a feeding frenzy. Peter always has a second outfit rigged and ready when fishing the saltwater, and his preparation bears fruit as he sight casts to a 30 pound Cobia. Hot action – great fun and great tips.


The places where rivers meet the sea are rich in marine life – if you get there on the right tide. Peter Morse is taken to one such place by guide Mark Bargenquast to witness a spectacular sight that few, if any, of the waterways regular users have seen. ‘Matching the hatch’ is not an option when 100cm plus Threadfin Salmon are feeding on tiny jelly prawns. Sightfishing to make your heart stop, and speed to make the fly line boil water! Bonus – tying the ‘black and barred ’ fly.