Protective Rod Sleeves

Protective Rod Sleeves


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We all know two facts about fly rods – put them anywhere strung up and they’ll tangle, with each other, with anything in the car or boat or bushes, and especially if you put a few of them together – and secondly they break too easily.

As a very frequent traveler these lightweight, flexible, protective sleeves have been a revelation for me.

Made from loose woven flat monofilament the sleeves are brilliant for protecting your fly rods in many situations; in the car, in the boat, walking through the bush, and just hanging out in the shed. You can leave the rod strung up even with a fly still tied, on and it won’t tangle with anything. You can leave a rod on one piece and just slide a sleeve over the tip. You can even slide a sleeve over the tips of a collection of rigged rods to stop them tangling.

They come in 2 sizes;
1.5 cm wide X 1.5m long.
4cm wide and 1.5 m long.

2 colours – (orange and chartreuse).

The smaller size is good for rods with stripping guides up to size 20. Once above a size 20 stripping guide you need to go with the larger sleeve. I also use them on rods up to my 14ft 2 handers (broken down into 2 sections).

Although these will grip the rod well in the smaller size, I use a small wrap of Velcro that I glue to the mouth of the tube to secure it firmly around the cork.

$10 each plus postage

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1.5cm wide x 1.5m long, 4cm wide x 1.5m long


Orange, Chartreuse