Reddington Form Mini Practice Rod

Reddington Form Mini Practice Rod


Being able to get your fly in front of the fish is one of the keys to successful fly fishing. With the Reddington Form Mini Practice Rod you can hone your casting skills almost anywhere…. even indoors!



If you want to become a better fly fisherman you need to become a better caster. If you can’t get your fly to the fish you simply won’t catch them. To become a better caster you need to practice and as an encouragement to practice it needs to have a fun element to it. These rods are just that, lots of fun, you can use them indoors and learn to throw all sorts of casts with them and best of all you’ll probably have to fight your kids for them, because KIDS LOVE THEM. They come with basic casting instructions and there’s the rod AND a proper 30ft long fly line with big fat “Fly” on the end.

Please note: Product only available within Australia