Roll Casting and Single Hand Spey casting days

Roll Casting and Single Hand Spey Casting Day.

With Peter Morse MCI

Saturday 27thJuly  – Detention Basin – Sydney Regatta Center.

Sunday 4thAugust Detention Basin – Sydney Regatta Center.

Open up a whole new world of casting and presentation techniques with effective roll casts and Spey casts.

Starting at 8-30, finishing at 4-30.

Roll casting is a misunderstood, underused, and maligned casting technique. Roll casting is extremely effective when done properly, and is applicable on running water, still water, and even in the saltwater.

But it’s also a method of fly-casting with uses far beyond just presenting the fly when you have no back cast room. Roll casting is the foundation cast of all the Spey casts, and if Spey casting champions can get a fly to 190 feet it must have something going for it!!

Roll casting and single hand Spey techniques are about adding efficiency to your fishing.

On this day we’ll examine the where, when’s, and how’s of roll casting, and then apply it to learning the four foundation Spey casts, but with single hand rods.

This is a full day limited to 6 students and is $150 for the day.

Contact me to reserve a spot.