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Fly Fishing Week – Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge - Click The Image For Full Details! Download Full Itinerary Here!
Tying The Tube Kilgon - This tube holder is made from a length of 2.2mm brass rod bent at 90 degrees and which sit in the jaw slot of my Dyna King vice. The tubes I use are from an acupuncturist, they are on every needle and they usually throw them away. They usually give them to you. The silicon tubing I use for rigging comes from Tackleworld and is under the Instinct brand. You may need to pad out the brass rod with some sticky tape to hold the tubing firmly on the tube. It won’t take much and should only be just enough … Continue reading
Kuala Rompin 2014 Fly Fishing for Sailfish. - After years of hearing about the place I finally got to Kuala Rompin in Malaysia. I traveled with a bunch of mates, all blokes I knew were good fly fishermen but would also be a lot of fun and would enjoyed an adventure – there were 8 of us, Alan “Fish” Philliskirk and “Notso” Bright from Weipa, Rod Van Beek, Mark Joseph and myself from Sydney, Hooky from Melbourne and from Perth Craig “Noddy” Radford and Leon Normore on 2 boats. We flew into Singapore, spent a night in that great city, and were picked up from our hotel for … Continue reading

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