The Joys of Fly Fishing for Carp – and what they can teach us.

Fly Fishing for Carp – the hillbilly bonefish – some pointers. Let me just get one thing out of the way first, and if at anytime during the reading of this piece you think I’m defending European carp, then come back and re-read this. Carp are an ecological catastrophe in Australian water-ways and we’d be much better off without them, and provided its shown to be secure and effective, I have no issues with any of the programs that will … Read moreThe Joys of Fly Fishing for Carp – and what they can teach us.

Simon Chu’s “harey” solution.

Simon Chu, Southland New Zealand, recorded in Lumsden. Simon is an angler (and person) I have an immense amount of respect for. He’s taught me a great deal about nymphing and about fishing the rivers of New Zealand’s South island, which has translated into fishing rivers anywhere. First fly – something tied with hare’s ear.

Chuey just figured out how to tie a crab fly from hare’s ear. It was just a matter of finding enough hares.

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Sage’s New for 2020 TroutLL

Sage’s new Trout LL series.

Since 1985, behind the fast actioned flagship rods of the Sage brand, has always spun a golden thread of medium action rods – and even once a slow rod, (in graphite terms anyway) – the Circa. These rods are all characterised by a deeper bend through the blank; you can tip cast them at short range, but get a bit of line out at normal fishing distances, and the bend very quickly moves mid blank, and then into the lower blank. 

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Roll Casting and Single Hand Spey casting days

Roll Casting and Single Hand Spey Casting Day. With Peter Morse MCI Saturday 27thJuly  – Detention Basin – Sydney Regatta Center. Sunday 4thAugust Detention Basin – Sydney Regatta Center. Open up a whole new world of casting and presentation techniques with effective roll casts and Spey casts. Starting at 8-30, finishing at 4-30. Roll casting is a misunderstood, underused, and maligned casting technique. Roll casting is extremely effective when done properly, and is applicable on running water, still water, and … Read moreRoll Casting and Single Hand Spey casting days

Tying The Tube Klingon

The Klingon is a fly of my own “invention”. It was originally tied to represent a pretty standard belly flap teaser with a pink rubber squid pulled down over it. This is the preferred tease for most fly fishing for sailfish. This fly made its debut at the Broome sailfish comp in 1996 and Danny O’Sullivan named it. Its a now a very popular sailfish fly world wide. My preferred tie is as a tube fly. This allows you to use the most appropriate hooks and hook arrangement and it also means you don’t have valuable flies rusting away between trips.

This tube holder is made from a length of 2.2mm brass rod bent at 90 degrees and which sit in the jaw slot of my Dyna King vice.

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